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I was struggling to start this review so I've put it into Q&A and then if there are questions, I'll be happy to answer. Q. How long was the booking?
A. 2 hours Q. Was it enough time?
A. Not even close. In retrospect, it should have been a minimum 12 hour booking. Q. Why?
A. Well, some bookings, you walk in and the mood is just erotic from the get go. A lot of that comes down to the experience and maturity of the lady and chemistry. Because I entered punting with a reasonable amount of lady experience from my private life, my style has not adapted when I'm left to control the situation on a short time frame. I enjoy talking and mood building. With Penelope (Lulu), I really enjoyed just taking time and talking and hanging out. I have no problem with that and is why I'd easily take a 12 hour booking if not more with her. Q. Would everyone need that amount of time?
A. Absolutely not. That is just my character type. If a punter walked into the room and just wanted to get straight into things, I have no doubt Penelope (Lulu) would be easily guided there and react very well to the situation. Q. So describe Penelope (Lulu) looks wise.
A. If I was the kid in Weird Science, Penelope Fawn (Lulu Reynolds) would have been the girl that came to life. She is the manifestation of the girl of my dreams. A sprinkle of Asian with a very predominant Anglo foundation. I simply state she is a girl of extraordinary good looks. Absolute model material. Q. Does Penelope (Lulu) have a personality to match?
A. Penelope (Lulu) is 20 years old. If I saw her walking down the street, I wouldn't be able to tell if she were 18 or 25. In speaking with her, I'd put her down to being 20 with good street smart. She has clearly grown up in a very nurturing environment surrounded by good people. Very easy to talk with, very comfortable in her own skin. I'm relatively confident that if a booking was made for a week away in a beach setting, it would be highly entertaining and engaging on an intellectual level. Q. Now the business side of things. Firstly, booking and communication.
A. Very professional every step of the way. Q. So we know she is nice and everything, now the reason most are reading.....
A. Well, first, Penelope (Lulu) has entered the adult entertainment industry. Look up her twitter feed and you will see what is possible with your own eyes. My experience was a lot tamer than that. But that is what I wanted. Q. So walk us through it.
A. I just don't feel like it is necessary. Penelope (Lulu) has a live twitter feed and porn movies. You can see what she is capable of in her movies. But the basics I'll tell you. She is highly sensual, great DFK, affectionate, passionate, responds very well to touching, licking and kissing. I'm sure you get the idea from everything I've spoken about. Penelope (Lulu) is one of the hottest girls I've come in contact with. If she stays in this industry, I have no doubt she is going to be one of the most popular girls around. Q. Would you return?
A. Absolutely. Q. Rate the experience
A. 10/10 Q. Is there room for improvement?
A. Penelope (Lulu) is 20 years old and is developed beyond her years. If she stays in the industry, she has the potential to become legendary. I like her just the way she is. Very natural, real and honest. It felt like there was no acting and no barriers. Q. Any last comments.
A. Penelope (Lulu) is a girl that I'd be rushing to book. I just think that a girl like this could wake up one day and decide it is time to seek her thrills elsewhere and like Keyser Söze, never be seen again.


OK, I'm going to be lazy here and point you to lookandlook's review. I concur with every sentiment. Nicely put and my impression too. Can I add anything more useful? Probably only some advice (bit of a mantra for life of mine); don't wait. Lulu appears on my albeit limited experience of her to be a young lady happily experimenting with many things, one of which is her sexuality. Join the experiment people because as lookandlook rightly puts it, she just might wake one morning and move on without us, and who knows when that will be because I doubt Lulu knows - but when she does, she'll do it fearlessly and without warning. Some details for those already getting bored. An arse to die for. Literally. I would happily sit under those generous cheeks and pass away. When choice prevails and euthanasia becomes legal, that's my ass-phyxiation exit of choice. This is not a skinny boy/girl ass, this is the real thing and still plump and firm in the pomp of youth. Just fabulous. While we're there, one of the prettiest and pinkest dates you'll ever rim. I choose that activity very carefully but didn't hesitate with Lulu. Going North a tad, just delicious and I would happily spend an hour there if chaffing and Lulu's patience allowed. Looks wise, a bit of a chameleon. I asked her to arrive with minimal make up and as stunning as Lulu can look with it, as her many photographs show, the true test is without - and for my eye at least, even more beautiful. The 1 coffee and 3 milk that a bit of Asian heritage brings to her look is a bit of a genetics lottery win. Arriving as she did in some classy killer heels, sprayed on jeans and a tasteful knitted top, it was understated look over your shoulder 'walk into traffic agog' stuff. Personality? For a genuine 20 year old, definitely out of the ordinary. Invest some of yourself and you'll get it back. We easily spent 15 or 20 minutes just chatting enjoyably after Lulu had brought me to an explosive conclusion courtesy of a skilled hand and mouth - a conversation I rarely want to have, let alone finding it offered. This clock wasn't particularly watched. If i didn't have a flight to catch and Lulu had her life to get on with, I'd have loved to have taken her to dinner - again, the litmus test for me. I have a favorites list as most of us committed but considered punters do I think. Girls I've had not just a fantastic physical experience but something a bit more, if for different reasons. In Perth that includes Sienna James; Sydney, Chloe Knight and Charlotte Star; Melbourne, Miss Larissa. I can now add Lulu to that list. It's $700 fellas, top end of town. Approach the time properly, briefed and prepared, it's true GFE/PSE value.


I had the pleasure of lulu's company on her recent Brisbane tour. Very easy to make the booking, prompt reply to texts, deposit paid, done. She is more stunning in person than her photos. When the door opened, I was left breathless with the beauty of this young lady. She made me feel at ease straight away with the maturity of her conversation far beyond her tender years. Lulu's smile would melt the heart of anyone, onto the bedroom and what can I say, an absolute goddess. The only problem was I only booked for an hour, an hour is not enough to spend with this gorgeous, beautiful young lady. I won't make that mistake again.


Well, I did something extremely out of my comfort zone last Saturday and took my first ever punt. And thank God it was with Lulu. She was super easy to arrange to see, and extremely polite, professional and clear in the text messages prior. I was EXTREMELY nervous prior to meeting her, since it was the first time I'd ever put myself into such a situation. As soon as I opened the door for Lulu though, I felt at ease. I was greeted by a relatively tall-ish girl with a bubbly and absolutely lovely face. Very pretty. It is also worth mentioning she's a brilliant person to talk to, and the conversation that took place prior to the business side of things was genuinely enjoyable, and really helped establish an awesome connection, which further helped ease my nerves. She's an excellent conversationalist, is very bubbly and assuringly outgoing. I won't get into details, but I can assure you, with absolutely no fear of doubt, that you will not be disappointed, and extremely comfortable. The pleasures this girl can give onto another is really inexplainable. It can only be experienced to be fully understood. She really is good at what she does! Also, she does not "watch the clock", so to speak, and takes time to ensure that you're investment is more than worthwhile. After everything, we had another lovely chat before she went off. As soon as she had left, I had wished booked for more!! I cannot recommend her enough everybody. Seriously. I almost didn't write this review so that she could remain less known so that I could see her more for myself, but it would be deprive you guys of such a wonderful experience, and would be quite selfish! Plus, I couldn't do that to someone who provided me such an excellent service with genuine care for her client. She's still young, and her EXQUISITE body, gorgeous face and undeniable talent is something you people should not miss out on.


First things first, her pictures don't do her justice. She's approximately fifteen and a half times cuter and more adorable in person. Her service from start to finish is second to none. If you're after an experience full of fun and giggles then this is the gal for you! Sweet natured and a real pleasure to have met. Highly recommended!


What to say about Lulu, she's incredibly funny, smart and beautiful. I was nervous meeting her, but, I had so much fun, you must book her. I will not kiss and tell about our time together, but let's just say you'll be blown away by Lulu. I don't think I'll forget this day anytime soon :)


Beautiful face, sweet voice, stunning smile and a truly engaging personality will put you at ease from the moment you first lay eyes on her. Having only seen Lulu once i can tell you i had an incredible time, just from talking and laughing i was hooked and her service had me addicted straight away that ive already booked her a 2nd time and i will NOT make the mistake of only booking her for a mere hour, words do not do her justice.


Seriously, nothing can prepare you for the sheer beauty of the incomparable Lulu Reynolds. Instantly recognizable to her fans, she is even more stunning and charming in person. An adorable svelte body, luminous eyes, stupor-inducing smile and completely delectable derrière are just a few of her talents. Her sweet-heart disposition melts away to something steamier and she is she all your naughtiest dreams come true.
I was lucky enough to secure a doubles booking with Lulu and her amazing companion Sophia Lincoln. They worked together seamlessly and genuinely enjoyed each other as much as I enjoyed them. They were both extremely encouraging and accommodating; vital considerations for my first threesome.
Lulu even procured schoolgirl outfits for them both to make my wildest fantasies real. A Polaroid camera meant I will now have mementos of this mind-blowing experience forever.
I was drunk off Lulu’s presence immediately. Her photos and films do not do her justice. She is magnificently graceful, sweet, sensual and tenacious. Watch her turn from 'movie-star' pretty to 'porn-star' horny, and fall in love with both sides of this real life siren.
I will never forget my time with these two ladies and definitely count Lulu as one of the most elegant and wonderful girls I have ever met.
I wish her all continued success and I hope I can lose myself in her companionship again very soon.

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